Why Gojra

Why Gojra?

When Gojra was a small town, part of the District Lyallpur (now Faiselabad), in 1930s, it was a renowned centre for eye surgery.  Its fame for ophthalmic excellence pervaded the whole of undivided India.  Mr. Justice Afzal Cheema (who has been the Acting President of Pakistan, a retired Supreme Court judge and an extraordinary son of  Gojra (Grand Patron of this project) says, "Such was the reputation of Gojra in eye care that people came to it from as far as Calcutta (2000 kilometres from Gojra)."  The salience of Gojra did not escape the attention of the English rulers of India.  Even though the size and official status did not justify it, the hospital in Gojra was given a high status in the medical service in 1930s and the colonial government provided additional resources to meet extra demand.

One of the leading lights of Gojra was the brilliant eye surgeon, Dr. Herbhajan Singh.  He gave the gift of eyesight to a huge number of patients whose eyes could not be cured by many of the ophthalmologists in so-called "advanced" hospitals in big cities like Delhi, Lahore or Calcutta.  In August 1947, at the time of Partition, the citizens of Gojra (Muslims and Christians alike) begged Dr. Singh not to leave them and continue providing them with sterling eye care.  However, the good doctor preferred his choice to move to East Punjab.  The separation of relatives and friends is known to everyone but the tragic losses of this collective magnitude do not find space in the annals of Partition history.

People still remember the glory of Gojra.  The patients of eye diseases are still recommended, "Go to Gojra."

With the establishment of "Gojra Eye Complex", with your benevolent help, we wish to restore the glory of Gojra and give real hope to those who travel to Gojra, desperately needing our help to regain their eyesight.