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We are taking active measures to obtain large funds from the UK government so that our project gives the gift of an advanced eye hospital promptly to those who cannot afford basic eye care and to whom we wish to provide excellent treatment.  At a cost of £6000 a feasibility study is now complete and the grant application has been forwarded by the Government of Pakistan to the UK Government.  Six acres of land worth about £150,000 for the proposed hospital has already been purchased and bounded by a wall and some amenities for it have been secured from the local authorities of Pakistan.

In addition to acquiring land, as of 17 January 2006 we have raised £146538.72.  Privately collected funds will be used to send a signal to any official funders that ordinary people are supporting this noble project with their generous spirits.  These funds will be placed in a dedicated account to run the completed hospital.  The trustees of the Gojra Eye Care Trust and the Gojra Ophthalmology Fund (GO Fund) have themselves contributed substantial sums (£47,000) to the resources of the project.  Not a single pence from the funds raised so far has been spent on administration - trustees are delighted to see funds increasing by their purely voluntary efforts.

We believe that the eye hospital should be an advanced centre of ophthalmic excellence; it should provide eye care to people on low income for which rich people travel to Europe.  My colleagues and I cannot over-emphasise the point that we wish to build an advanced eye hospital of which everyone is proud.  As a symbol of our serious commitment to this goal, we have bought 6 acres of land to build an excellent ophthalmic hospital.

We wished the hospital to be operational in 2006 but some developments (including Tsunami disaster) have delayed our plans.  We most candidly hope that people begin to benefit from this hospital in 2007.  The tragedy of the earthquake striking Pakistan on 8 October 2005 has also put our project in temporary abeyance since our hearts and spirits are justifiably focussed on the sad plight of the quake victims.

The Pakistanis deserve the best healthcare in the World.  It is this pursuit of “excellent eye treatment”, which is preventing us from starting construction which may not be finished due to lack of money. 

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