Gojra Eye Care Trust (GECT)

The local supporters of the GEC Project have constituted themselves in the “GECT”.  The members of the GECT have raised substantial funds locally.  Due to their efforts, 6 kilometres from the Gojra town centre, the abovementioned 6-acres site has been purchased and a boundary wall around it has been completed.

The SAARC Foundation UK and the GECT are raising the estimated one million pounds sterling from philanthropic sources.  With the local population having already donated generously, the Government of Pakistan having limitation of funds for this kind of projects, their best hope is that foreign funding bodies  and the generous spirits abroad will come forward to make this humanitarian and much-needed project a reality.

GO Fund (“Gojra Ophthalmology Fund”, Registered Charity 1085942)

Supporters of the GEC Project in the UK have organised themselves in the “GO Fund”, with the Trustees based in Bradford, London and Cambridge.  GO Fund wishes every individual in the UK to help the completion of the GEC Project.  It has the brilliant direction of its grand Patrons,

The Right Honourable Lord Justice Sir Stephen Sedley,
Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham &
Prof. S. K. Upadhyay (Professor of Ophthalmology).